Note from a Neighbor:
Brian St. Cyr of 483 Main Street here in Andes dropped us a note to say he is finishing up converting what was a garage into his artist studio. He and Bekah are relatively new to Andes and Brian will be having an Open Studio the weekend of Andes Community Day, hoping to meet their new neighbors. Stop by on Saturday or Sunday between 5 pm and midnight to view his modern, non-traditional works.
Brian adds, “We are committed to shedding our “weekender” status and are enjoying seeking new ways of being part of the Andes community.”

A Reader’s Comment:
I have to comment on you, Barb Mellon. How can you and the entire staff be so dumb as to allow your article to be published in the Andes Gazette. Do you have any idea how many people could put themselves in jeopardy, as you did your self by trying to attract bears to your home???? We wish you no ill luck, but think your entire staff should have thought that one over!!
Enough said!!
Kathy Cartwright
And a word from a Subscriber:
“You guys are doing a wonderful job.”
Warren Hertzberg

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