LIBRARY NOTES – August 2008

By Gloria Carlson

LIBRARY RENOVATION NEWS!! At last our long dreamed of, talked about, and planned for library renovation is going to happen! By SEPTEMBER 1, 2008 the library will be moving to temporary quarters for approximately six months while renovations take place.

The renovation plans call for taking out the old stairway, (which was not up to code and so was unusable by the public) and replacing it with a new stairway situated in roughly the center of the library. This will allow our patrons access to the second floor and allow us to house several book collections upstairs. Also our Children’s Room will be relocated to the bigger, sunnier area in what is now our Community Room. This all requires removing walls, rearranging doors and otherwise making a huge, dusty, debris-filled mess!

Thus, The Andes Library, staff, trustees, a selection of our most popular adult and children’s books, our DVDs, VHS tapes, audio books and magazines are taking refuge in a temporary library space. The majority of our books will be packed up and put in storage until their homecoming to a spic and span renovated library!

Because of all the work and upheaval that this renovation will require we will NOT be accepting book donations until we are back to normal in our own library. We thank all our donors for their past kindness and generosity and look forward to accepting book donations again in the future! Come buy out all of our sale books on Community Day!

Keep an eye open for news articles, posters and signs giving more updates and information as it happens. We at the Library are excited and thrilled that this long imagined renovation is finally taking place. We look forward to sharing our new space with you, the Andes Community. Until then we’re expecting big changes, packing, unpacking, noise, dust and unfamiliar quarters but it’s all for a good cause! See you at the Andes Library! ~

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