Please note that the June meeting of the Town Board will be held on June 17th at 7:30 PM at the NEW TOWN HALL on Delaware Avenue (next to the school.) It is expected that all Town offices will be in the new location by Monday, June 9th. As a reminder, the Justice Court will remain in the old building.We are getting closer to having cell phone service in Andes as land leases have been given to the involved landowners for review by their attorneys.

An emergency meeting was held in regard to parking on Route 28 within the hamlet of Andes. The outcome of that session is that all prior parking has been “grandfathered” and the appropriate signs will be removed. Parking will continue to be prohibited at the intersection of Main Street and Delaware Avenue, and at other spots where it is necessary for safety reasons.

We have received the schedule and requirements that must be followed for the advertising and sale of our bonds for the new Highway Garage. Everyone involved is preparing the information requested and required.

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