Look for upcoming news about cell phone service in Andes. The Town Board now has located 3 sites for towers. Three cell towers are necessary for the triangulation that will give coverage throughout most of the Town. Next step is discussions with cell tower representatives and the Town Attorney. As stated in the minutes of the April 8th, 2008 Town Board meeting minutes, “This has been a long and very detailed process and there is now light at the end of this tunnel.”As a reminder, dog complaints should be referred to our Dog Control Office, Edward Weber, at 607-832-4211.

The possibility of Indian remains being located at the site of the new Town Highway Garage is being looked into. This came up during the SEQRA review of the plans. Also, the Town Board & Supervisor are working with the Town Clerk and Bookkeeper, as well as Marge Merzig of Keogh Consulting, to determine the least expensive way to bond the new building. Meanwhile Highway Superintendent Mike McAdams and his crew are in touch with other highway departments for input on problems to look out for during the process. They are hoping to avoid mistakes by learning from the experience of others.

Please note that the May 13th Town Board Meeting will start at 7:30 PM. This is the first meeting of the year to be held at the later time. Monthly meeting are scheduled at 7:30 through the month of October.

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