OUR READERS WRITE – February 2008

Dear Editors:Andes residents are scratching their heads trying to figure out whose idea it was to erect the enormous California Freeway-size road sign at the intersection of route 28 coming in from Delhi, at the corner of lower and upper Main Street, smack in the center of the tiny restored town of Andes.

With Andes townsfolk working feverishly to restore old Victorian houses to their original 19th century beauty and condition, most people have adjusted to the intrusion of 21st century undulating concrete sidewalks with deep curbstones recently installed as an alternative to soft native bluestone indigenous to this area.

For those who have managed not to notice, the metal public highway sign post looms high across from Cantina Restaurant. It is the size and shape of public signs that normally carry messages such as Los Angeles 2784.11 miles. This one virtually obliterates the private businesses housed in the Arts and Crafts cottage, now home to The Blink Gallery and Andes Antiques and Art. The size and style of the signs are vulgar and inappropriate in the tiny historic town of Andes.

A trip to Sugar Maples or any of the neighboring Catskill Mountain Foundation restored towns, would’ve revealed intelligent, fully functional road signs in keeping with the style and tone of the community.

Yes, it’s good to be able to walk on sidewalks without turning an ankle, and many are grateful for it. But a quick consultation with any of the qualified historians and restoration experts in the area, would have helped provide appropriate and esthetically balanced signs in a town where every blade of grass counts toward harmonious and esthetically beautiful living.

Merna Popper; proprietor of Andes Arts and Antiques

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