ANDES ON WALL STREET – December 2007

marywebBy Mary Tucker


Edna Joslin’s tree which now graces Wall Street.

Ever wonder where the huge, perfectly shaped Christmas trees you see at the White House and Rockefeller Center come from? It seems there are “Tree Scouts”, men who travel around the country to look for suitable trees. Early in November, Edna Joslin, Rte. 2, Delancey, locally known as Cabin Hill Road, was approached by one of these “Tree Scouts” about using her approximately 60 year old tree for the Wall Street Christmas Tree. Business arrangements were discussed, agreed on and a contract was signed by Edna.  On Tuesday and th and 21st, a crew came and wrapped the tree; on Friday, November 23rd they returned, cut the tree and transported it to Wall Street. If you happen to be in New York during December, take a trip to Wall Street and have a look at a little bit of Andes.  ~