LIBRARY NOTES — November 2007

apl library-thumbnailBy Gloria Carlson

The Andes Public Library’s great good fortune has been demonstrated by the support we have received in our recent events, our tireless volunteers who make it all possible and the Andes community who show their interest in and support of the library daily.

Thanks to all who made our Bake Sale such a delicious success. A special thanks goes to all the tireless bakers who donated their pies, cookies, cupcakes, breads and cakes to benefit the Andes Library.  On that day, we were also fortunate to have Andes resident and author MP Dunleavey signing copies of her book Money Can Buy Happiness. You can stop by the library and borrow a copy to learn how you can change your attitude toward money from a sense of lack to a sense of plenty.

Another delight is Andes Central School’s Halloween Parade which wends its spooky way up Main Street to the bank and then to the library for a Halloween story, juice and cookies. It’s great fun to see the collection of witches, ballerinas, ghosts and assorted creatures sitting in the children’s room listening avidly to a (not too scary) story.

Please keep Sunday, November 11th from 3 pm to a final bell at 5:30 pm open for a SILENT AUCTION to be held at Hunting Tavern Museum. Based on the great and varied collection of items our intrepid volunteers are bringing in, I can tell it will be a truly marvelous affair. There will be those famous Andes Library sweet and savory refreshments and wine and cheese all part of a $10 admission to benefit the library.

Do you have any time to spare on a Saturday morning from 10 am to noon, once every two or three months?  If you do, please give the Andes Library a call at 676-3333.  Your help would be greatly appreciated as a Saturday morning volunteer. The job entails chatting with patrons, checking books in and out and shelving books. THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!