VIEW: UP ON THE ROOFTOP! – October 2007

By Buffy Calvert

Midsummer scene in Andes: George Ballantine sits on Cassie’s porch surveying the roofers atop the newly painted Old Fire Hall across the street; taps Dot Andrews, Coordinator of the ASHC Thrift Shop housed inside, on the shoulder, “You should save that antique weathervane.”


Old Fire Hall weathervane is back in place.

Dot, who never lets a blade of grass grow under her feet, accosts the contractor, Lou Giorgi, “Can you get that weathervane down?” “Sure thing and put it back up if you can get it repaired by tomorrow. That’s our last day.”

Dot, vane in hand, asks Shayne Mosier if he and his crew at ROMO Machine can fix the ancient relic. “Glad to,” says Shayne.

But the vane is badly broken and needs a major new part. By sharp sleuthing, Shayne and his wife, Tina, discover a replacement. Expert welding repairs it; clever engineering creates a new platform to straddle the four ridges so it can stand firm on its perch.

Early September evening on Main Street: A crowd gathers to await the Margaretville Fire Department hook and ladder truck. Andes firemen are on the scene. ROMO Machine presents the shiny, better than new weathervane to the intrepid Gordie Krick, who climbs the swaying ladder in the gathering dusk, clutching the vane. He attaches it to the peak to the cheers of the watchers below.

The heroes, both visiting and local, repair to the new Fire Hall for a well-deserved repast. Andes society at its best: preserving her history and her culture of community action.

Thank you all! ~