When the town board announced that it was moving the location of Town Hall (without public discussion or vote), I decided to run for Town Council to see if I could make a difference. My “Wish List” for differences includes family health insurance for all highway workers. Because we demand these eight men to maintain 115 miles of roads, we should, at least, insure their families.We have the highest, and perhaps the most beautiful, mountain in Delaware County located and waiting to be utilized, at Bobcat. Between 30 to 50 new jobs could be provided, and the local shops and businesses would also benefit from the winter commerce that a revived Bobcat would bring. A second addition to my “Wish List” would be try to revitalize and reopen Bobcat.Finally, a new Town Shed is becoming a necessity, and Council action must be taken.  The streets of our hamlet are looking elegant, but much work still needs Council attention; and I’d like to be part of it.



As a co-founder of “Citizens for Open Government,” a grass roots organization that fosters open and honest communication between local officials and community members, I have consistently encouraged Andes residents to ask the tough questions about issues important to them.  If elected, I would like to continue working for open communication and honest discussion of issues. Additionally, I want to encourage well thought out, fair resolutions to matters that concern all Andes citizens. I believe in the old-fashioned town meeting concept, where community members have ample opportunity to voice their opinions. These open sessions are vital to a healthy decision-making process.



I graduated from Andes Central School in 1975 and graduated with certification in Welding at SUNY Delhi. I have been employed at SUNY Delhi for the past 31 years and currently hold the position of Maintenance Supervisor II (Structural). I have lived my entire life in Andes. My community involvement includes past member of the Tremperskill Rod & Gun Club serving as Treasurer for two years, member of the Andes Fire Department for 31 years currently holding the position of President, member of Andes EMS squad 10 years as a driver. I am a 5th term Councilman seeking a 6th term as your Councilman for the Town of Andes. Special Committees have included serving on the highway committee and the building committee.  My experience includes involvement in major decisions regarding the FEMA projects of 1996, 2006, 2007 where major flooding caused millions of dollars in highway infrastructure damage.  Projects are currently underway to repair the town roads in Andes. I have worked closely with the Supervisor and Highway Superintendent to negotiate labor agreements between the Town and C.S.E.A. for the last 3 contract periods.  Served on the committee that developed Employee Hand Book which governs employees of the Town of Andes.  Reviewed plans for an addition to the Andes Public Library. Supported Industrial Wind Turbine Ordinance as adopted following Andes planning board review and recommendations.  Current projects include working on plans for a new site as well as construction of a new highway garage that is long overdue for the workers and equipment.

I have 20 years experience working with municipal government and the duties of the town board as a council member. I would like to thank the taxpayers of Andes for their past support and feel it an honor to serve as your councilman when re-elected in the November 6th 2007 election.

Thank you for your continued support,



Hi, Shayne Moshier here, I am asking for your support in November for re-election to the Andes Town Council.  I would like to continue the fight to keep taxes as low as possible and to fight New York City and their incessant quest to rule the town of Andes and Delaware County.  We the people of Andes are more than capable of taking care of ourselves.

Now, some more about me, I was born and raised in Andes.  I went to college in Cobleskill and received a degree in Engineering and then came back to Andes.  I started RoMo Machine, a member of the Better Business Bureau in 1987 ( one of the longest running businesses in the town) and I am an 18 year member of the Andes Fire Department and am currently the Chief.  I am on the Andes Historical Society Board of Directors and also am the Vice-President of the Tremperskill Rod and Gun Club.  I am more than capable of representing you The Taxpayer, on the Andes Town Council.

Thank You for your support


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