Picture1Many new things are happening at Cabin Hill Presbyterian Church that we would like to share with all of our old friends and, hopefully, meet some new friends along the way. First of all we are happy to announce that in June, our new pastor, Deb Fleming, was commissioned as a Certified Lay Pastor and has started serving our congregation.

After receiving an endowment, we have been able to install a new kitchen with most of the work being done by Bill DeSanto. Irene DeSanto will be reviving her monthly “Heart and Soul” cooking demonstrations on September 15 at 7 pm. Every month she treats us to a new and delicious healthy meal and introduces us to natural remedies to treat ailments such as the common cold, arthritis, etc. Everyone is invited to attend for a fun night of food and fellowship.

On October 13, we will bring back the famous Cabin Hill Church chicken Bar-B-Que and Harvest Dinner.  Keep your eyes and ears open for more details as they become available.

Perhaps our biggest news is that next year we will be celebrating our 175th anniversary.  We would love to share any memories, mementoes, stories, pictures, etc. that any one may have of Cabin Hill.  We are hoping to have many events next year to celebrate the history of the church.

As you can see, Cabin Hill is a small but busy church. We would love to have you join us for some of our upcoming events.


Beatriz Sohni is already becoming a familiar face on Main Street. Employed at Slow Down Café and a regular patron of the Thrift Shop, she is busy decorating her new space at Marlys Hann’s.


New to Main Street is C.A.S.A., the Cooperative Art Store of Andes, operated by proprietor Linda Jones. In addition to carrying the works of a number of local artists, such as James Litaker and John Hopkins, Jones also offers a selection of attractive jewelry.

Guess what’s coming to Blink?

Andes Antiques & Fine Art gallery will move for the fall/winter season (September through April ’07-’08) to the building presently occupied by the Blink Gallery, 454 Lower Main Street, Andes. The first exhibition, The Great Art of Persuasion, opens Saturday, September 15th with a gala champagne celebration. Outstanding 19th and 20th century images have been created by some of the best artists on the planet to make us drop to our weakened knees and buy products and services we never dreamed we needed or wanted. Today they are considered high art. The gallery will include fine 19th and 20th century antiques, paintings, prints, sculpture, jewelry, and furniture accessories.

The works of contemporary American artists will be exhibited upstairs, opening with wall sculptures by Gary Hayes. Hayes, an artist from Andes and the Chelsea section of Manhattan, creates wall-hung sculptures using large coffee table books. Hayes has managed to bring out the core meaning of the books despite the unrecognizable altered form.

The gallery will be open Friday, Saturday and Sunday 11 am- 4 pm all winter. Not to worry: the gallery will be showing and selling the exquisite jewelry created by Susan Littin and Marion Corbin, owners of Sumaris Jewelry and the Blink Gallery, and Blink will be back in spring 2008.


At Chase-Randall Gallery, 49 Main Street, an exhibition of the paintings of Deborah Freedman and Christie Scheele and the photography of Susan Wiler will continue through the end of September. Freedman is a SoHo based painter and printer whose work is inspired and informed by the landscape of the Catskills. Her highly emotional and reverential work exposes the changes fermenting in the natural world.

Scheele, a landscape painter whose work is primarily influenced by Rothko and Louise Nevelson, creates work that is minimalist yet complex. New York City photographer Wider presents her fabulous water imagery. According to the artist, “I create distortions that explore subtle relationships between vision and the mind’s eye.” ~