LIBRARY NOTES —September 2007

By Gloria Carlson

apl library-thumbnailAs we move into the autumn season, it’s time to thank everyone who helped make the start of this summer’s fundraising efforts for the Andes Library’s renovation and expansion plans such a success.

Andes Community Day found the Library’s staff and friends selling not only heaps donated and discarded books, as is our usual wont, but also raffle tickets, Andes Library cookbooks, note cards and tote bags!

For our raffle we have a gorgeous quilt generously donated by master quilt maker Lesley Gray. The quilt is still on display at Paisley’s Country Store in the village. We are planning to hold the drawing in the fall, so that everyone will have the opportunity to win this truly heirloom piece. Raffle tickets ($1.00 each or 6 for $5.00) are on sale at Paisley’s and, of course, at the library!

The Andes International Cookbook, Serve It with Flair is a fabulous collection of recipes collected from Andes Library patrons, their friends and families. We have to thank a very hard working cookbook committee that collected, edited, and dealt with printers and all the other little details that putting together a cookbook entails. It was no easy task but the beautiful book itself and its delicious results makes it well worth it! Thank you all so very much! The book is on sale at the library for $15.00. Stop by and pick up a copy, help the library, and enjoy a marvelous meal at the same time!

By now you’ve probably seen (or purchased) the practical and attractive Andes Library tote bag, ($15.00) and /or our beautiful note cards, (12 for $10.00). They are also on sale at the library.

Donations, large and small, are appreciated. Pledges are also wonderful. We are applying for grants from New York State and private foundations; some require matches.

Last but not least we also have to thank our very many kind and generous patrons who donate so many of the books in our Book Sale. Without those donations our Book Sale would be very skimpy indeed! Thank you everyone!

Why, you may ask is the Andes Library selling all these items? Well, we are doing our best to raise money for our long dreamed of expansion and renovation. The architects’ exciting plans are on display at the library. We hope that you will be as enthusiastic as we are about the future of our library and are happy to hear your comments and suggestions. Thank you all for your help, generosity, and support and we hope to see you soon at the Andes Library! ~