A natural edge Bradford Pear bowl created by Tyler Gray.

Tyler Gray, a local and self-taught artist of lathe-made wooden objects, will be featured in the Andes Society for History & Culture’s next summer exhibit at The Hunting Tavern in Andes. The exhibit can be seen on Saturdays, 10 am-3 pm, from August 4th through 25th. The show will present some 50-plus objects including small pen-size items to 15 inch bowls made of various local and exotic wood, such as cherry, maple, apple, walnut, pear, persimmon, eucalyptus, and, osage-orange.

Mr. Gray has been sharpening his wood-turning skills since 1986 and this is the first show of his works. There will be an opening day reception on August 4th, 3-5 pm at the Hunting Tavern. All are welcome.

For more information, please call Tyler or Lesley Gray at 845-676-3290, or email: lmgquilts@catskill.net ~