SENIORS ON THE GO – August 2007

marywebBy Mary Tucker

On July 12, 10 Andes Senior Club members spent the day at The Wellington Herb Farm in Schoharie. On arriving at 10:00 am we were greeted by Mr. and Mrs. Wellington and were encouraged to stop at the country store filled with dried herbs and flowers, spices, fragrances, jellies, antiques, collectibles, arts and crafts, or to explore the flower, herb, and vegetable gardens at our own pace. Many of the art works and crafts are done by local artisans. Chairs and benches by the gardens, ponds, and grounds invite one to sit, relax a few moments, and enjoy the wonderful scenery. Those who did not wish to walk could drive through the grounds, stopping at any point. At noon we enjoyed a delicious Chicken Broccoli Casserole prepared especially for us by Caroline Wellington, along with green salad, homemade rolls, a choice of delectable desserts and beverage.

After lunch there was time to take in the Photographic Art Show and to finish shopping. Going home most stopped at farm stands along the way and stocked up on fresh vegetables. Back in Andes several of us stopped at the open house at Ethel Edwards’ home to celebrate her 102nd birthday.

Our August meeting has been cancelled as many would like to take advantage of Senior Citizens Day at the Walton Fair. All members are urged to make an effort to attend the September 20th meeting as we will be nominating and electing officers and appointing committees for the 2007-2008 year. The meeting will be at Andes Methodist Church with blood pressure screening from11:30 until noon, followed by a dish to pass lunch, then the business meeting. ~


Left to right: Seniors Gerald Norris, Sandy Wynn, Evelyn Norris, Betty Little, Louise Redden, Joan Nau, Jack Nau, Mary Tucker, Nancy Rose and Ellen Weaver enjoyed the trip to the Wellington Herb Farm.