LIBRARY NOTES —August 2007

apl library-thumbnailBy Gloria Carlson

Have you seen the exciting new plans for the renovation and expansion of the Andes Public Library now on display? Created by Ashokan Architecture and Planning of Kingston, the plans include a larger children’s room, an additional room for more shelf space, and an expanded and relocated community room.

Perhaps you’re asking, “Does the library need to expand and renovate?” For me, the answer is a simple YES! Although I feel that the Andes Public Library already is a marvelous place, located in a charming building that has an especially cozy and welcoming feeling, right now I see that it is bursting at the seams with books, magazines, DVDs, CDs, computers, and audiotapes. Books are crammed tightly onto the shelves even though we constantly weed out books in poor condition or rarely borrowed. We have a great memoir, essay, and literature collection that is stored in the kitchen at the moment because there is no room elsewhere. I dream of having a non-fiction section where our wonderful collection could be appreciated and added to without having to squeeze books onto the shelves in a topsy-turvy manner.

The Andes Library has been very fortunate to have more patrons using our library in the last ten years. But more patrons means more books, materials, programs and services. We at the Library want to provide the Andes Community what it wants, needs, and enjoys in a space that is comfortable, accessible and inviting. Our Community Room is used for a variety of groups and programs. There is a GED class, an English as a Second Language class, as well as poetry and journal writing classes, and also a weekly weight loss group. The Library has held a series of puppet shows and entertainments for children and adults that play to a standing room only audience.

Do we need to renovate and expand our library? Do we want our Andes Library to be the best it can be? The architect’s plans are on display at the Library. Do stop by and take a look and I think you will be as excited and pleased as I am. This vision of the future of the Andes Library retains our library’s feelings of charm and coziness. These are qualities that we don’t want to lose. However, the plans do offer space, convenience and more efficient arrangements in an elegant and classic design. We at the Andes Library sincerely hope you will join us in our effort to make this dream a reality. See you soon at the Library!