The Way We Were – July 2007

100 years-thumbnailCulled from July, 1907 issues of The Andes Recorder —- 100 Years Ago



 Events of a Week as Chronicled by the Man on the Street


Farmer Shoots at Automobile

Autoists Who Fail to Heed Signal to Stop Brought to Their Senses Near Margaretville

 There was a sensation at Margaretville and Arkville Sabbath afternoon when it became known that Isaac Bouton, a New Kingston farmer, had shot at the Elmore car which S. W. Utter, of Margaretville, had recently purchased from A. M Butts, of Oneonta.  The automobile, in which was Mr. and Mrs. Utter and Mr. and Mrs. Butts, was proceeding toward Margaretville and, when a mile above Arkville, met Bouton.  When the automobile came in sight Bouton who was with another man, got out and stood at the horses’ head and signaled for the driver to stop.  Mr. Butts who was driving the car slowed down but did not stop and when two rods away, Bouton whipped out his revolver and shot at the car, the bullet striking the ground about ten feet ahead of it.

The drastic method proved effectual and the car was at once stopped.  Bouton threatened, with an oath, to shoot the first autoist who failed to come to a stop when he held up a warning hand.   After a few minutes the party were allowed to proceed.

Monday Bouton was arrested, and in the absence of the lawyer that he wished to defend him, he asked and was given an adjournment of the case until Thursday and also demanded trial by jury.

Because of the accident which caused the death of Harry Gordon feeling is running high in that locality.  The farmers assert that they are not going to be run down and killed on the public highways by strangers who hurry on, heedless of the injuries that others have sustained.  A number have purchased revolvers and declare that they will shoot the first automobile driver who fails to stop.~