Picture7        By Judy Garrison

Misha Mayers, owner of Andes’ new Clementine Vintage Clothing, answers my question of how she became interested in fashion even before I ask it.  The store’s clothing tags feature a glamour girl (from the forties?) posing in swimsuit and straw hat. Misha tells that the figure is her grandmother. The picture was taken on a Catskills vacation by a debonair young photographer whom she soon married. Misha, always inspired by her fashion-plate grandmother, has, in a way, lived out her dream: and after years in the sweater industry she now works for Ralph Lauren, specializing in merchandising to Japan, where she frequently travels.

Owner since 2001 of a house off Route 28 in the Town of Andes, Misha would often spend weekends scouring the area for design inspiration for work and found herself collecting vintage pieces for pleasure.  With encouragement from Brooke Alderson to establish her own shop on the second floor, over Mercantile, she made the plunge this season.  She and husband Dan Mayers transformed the space, building clothing racks out of plumbing pipe and painting the space a cheery white.  Dan constructed a series of white boxes for display as well as a reception counter, where assistant Claire Gohorel may be seen perched in vintage garb herself, applying buttons.  Misha covered a huge hassock she calls the “pouf” in bright orange with white buttons, the centerpiece and focal point of the room, just below a chandelier she painted orange.  She made orange and white striped drapes to adorn the far wall.

Misha describes her collection as mostly natural fiber, comfortable clothing for the Catskills lifestyle.  A browser will find new additions every week, and at prices, Misha says, that you don’t have to think about. (There are many accessories such as scarves, ties and belts priced from $5 to $10, with $25-$35 a typical range for clothing items, and up to $75 for special pieces.)

A few styles that caught this writer’s eye:  a black and white gingham sundress with lots of detail, a silk bed jacket that might be paired with either a sleek skirt or jeans, classic Woolrich and Pendleton hunting shirts in prime condition available at far below new retail prices.

Store hours are 10-6 on weekends and holiday Mondays. Call Misha at 845-676-3888 during open hours if you have an inquiry.  She will be putting together events, either partnering with the adjoining Tay Home or at Cantina, such as a fall preview fashion show and fashion lectures.  Misha invites one and all to come up the stairs at 72 Main Street and have a look.  Sign up on the email list to receive notice of future events.

What a welcome whiff of fashion, whimsy, and fresh enthusiasm to our shopping district! ~