Andes Town Board Meeting of March 13, 2007 – 

By Alan Galowitz

Most Andes residents breathed a sigh of relief after the recent Andes Town Board meeting to hear about the status of a proposed wind turbine zoning law. Barring unforeseen circumstances, the proposal will become law. It will prohibit the construction of giant wind turbines along our ridges and mountains. Small farm type turbines will be permitted for individual residences, businesses, schools and governmental buildings, and farms.

The flood of letters and statements made by citizens in town leave no doubt that the zoning change, nearing completion, has public support. At the last meeting of the Andes Planning Board the proposed revisions in our zoning laws were approved for presentation to the Andes Town Board of March 13th. Supervisor Donnelly, the Town Council members, and Mr. Merzig, our Town Attorney, will review the zoning revisions in time for a public hearing as required by law, scheduled for April 10th at noon in the Fire Hall. Final approval at that time will make the changes effective.

The proposed law will be available for inspection for those wishing to study them before the hearing.

The fears of most residents that the industrial type wind turbines would alter the residential character of our town will be laid to rest. It is expected by area real estate brokers that local property values will be bolstered by the new restrictions on industrial turbine construction. ~