By Barbara Mellon

After any long, cold winter it is with a profound joy that we seek out every fresh sign of the approaching spring. A plant’s bud. A bird’s song. A breeze’s kiss. Likewise, how ecstatic some are to see signs of the return of the Streetscape project here in Andes. Stroll down Main Street or Delaware Avenue and you’ll see what one resident calls “black plastic diapers” blossoming all over.A New York State Department of Transportation (DOT) Field Office has been set up next to Hogan’s, in the building which formerly housed Tricia’s Gifts, under the direction of the engineer in charge of the project, Dave Lobdell. Feel free to stop in with any questions you might have, or to view the project drawings. Mr. Lobdell asks that residents  “don’t be in a rush while going through town” while the project in ongoing. We should all heed his good advice in order to lessen the possibility of injury to DOT personnel, pedestrians, drivers, and even vehicles. The dirt and disruption will be difficult for awhile, but the outcome will be well worth it. Dave Hamburg, Public Information Officer for the DOT reports that no firm start date has been set for the project, but we received the following tentative construction schedule from Marge Merzig, who is helping Town Supervisor Marty Donnelly with project coordination:

April: Power line preparation, erosion control, tree removal (as necessary), pavement preparation and investigation.

May: Begin storm drain installation, lighting conduit and wire crossing installation.

June – September: Pavement milling, curb and gutter installation (this will be done in stages), the plan is to start on Delaware Avenue and work east toward Margaretville.

July: Begin sidewalk installation in same sequence as above. Begin driveway apron connection to roadway.

October: Finish signage, planting, finish driveway apron.

Depending on weather conditions, construction should be completed by Thanksgiving. ~