LIBRARY NOTES — March 2007

By Gloria Carlson

On a cold, snowy Sunday afternoon in February, the Andes Library held a lovely party to celebrate our loyal, hardworking volunteers. We, the library staff and Board of Trustees, sincerely thank them for all they do to make our Library such a special place. The library’s volunteers help out in a variety of ways. One of our volunteers has taken on the project of entering all of the fiction books on the computer so we’ll finally know what books we actually do have on our shelves. This has been an enormous task and has involved weeding out old unread books (for ten or more years), repairing damaged books, and re-labeling our shelves so the books can be easily found. Soon she’ll begin with the non-fiction section which is another daunting task. Other jobs our volunteers have taken on include covering new books in protective plastic, or shelving returned books, DVDs, and videocassettes. One volunteer is working in our Children’s Room to organize the shelves and make the books more accessible to children and parents.

Some faithfully come on Saturday mornings to man the desk from 10 to noon. Others offer their advice and expertise to help our library plan for the future. Our Treasurer holds that vital and important position as a volunteer. Our Library couldn’t function without her. Another volunteer has created a marvelous Monday morning story hour for toddlers. We at the Andes Library truly appreciate their hard work and dedication.

Needless to say, our library always welcomes your participation whether as a volunteer, a patron or a supporter. So do stop by the Andes Library either to borrow a book, lend a hand, use the computer, or say hello!

Another great reason to come by the Library is to buy one (or more) of our fantastic new tote bags. They are very attractive, useful and make great gifts! Also, when in the library, it would be of great service if you could fill out one of our Library Questionnaires. That is of course, if you haven’t already done so and returned it as part of our fund-raising mailing. Your responses on the Questionnaire will help us to serve you, our patrons, better and to plan for the future of the Andes Library. Thank you very much for your help!~