LIBRARY NOTES – February 2007

By Gloria Carlson

apl library-thumbnailFebruary in Andes! It’s the heart of winter and as of this writing, we’ve been having a prolonged warm spell. Things are warming up at the Andes Library, too, as we get ready for . . . you guessed it, our annual February Amnesty Month!  February is your time to bring back all those overlooked, forgotten, and/or misplaced library books, DVDs, video cassettes and audio tapes with no questions asked and no overdue fines. We really do appreciate the return of our long lost materials. So, if you get a letter naming any overdue materials we thank you heartily for looking on your shelves and sending any library items on home. Thank you!

You may have noticed a new face at the desk on Mondays and Tuesdays. Laurie McIntosh, our regular Assistant Librarian, has taken a short leave of absence. We are very fortunate to have Andes resident and artist Roshan Houshmand as a temporary replacement. We look forward to having Laurie back with us again but are very grateful to Roshan for filling in for her. The Andes Library welcomes all our patrons and friends and we will all do our very best to get the books, magazines, DVDs or videos that you like. See you at the Andes Library! ~