By Alan Galowitz

As expected, all seats were taken. Supervisor Donnelly took care to admit no more than the maximum permitted by law to the Town Hall. Those hoping to hear a recommendation by the Town Planning Board about the proposed windmill regulatory law were disappointed. Although town attorney Merzig reviewed the legislation and found it to be “a good one”, no call for its adoption was made. Instead, the Town Council was asked to extend the current moratorium on wind turbine construction another 180 days. The reasons for the apparent indecision were not spelled out.

A letter of resignation from Art Reed, Planning Board Chairman, was read by Donnelly. The Town Council accepted his resignation. Darwin Finkle was appointed as a new Zoning Board member. Reed wishes to continue as a Planning Board member.

It seems that those in favor of wind turbine regulation will not enjoy a quick passage of this ordinance through the law-making process, because the Planning Board asked for and got the adoption of a resolution extending the current moratorium. This lack of action caused anguish among many present. They feel that the proposed law, a copy of which is available in the Andes Public Library, is an effective tool in achieving their goals. An explanation of the delays would have been appreciated.

There was an uneasy feeling among those favoring wind turbine regulation. Mr. Donnelly read aloud a letter from Delaware Wind Energy LLC that stated that they were, for the present, abandoning their construction plans for the area around Mt. Pisgah, our highest peak. The letter expressed hope, however that we would look favorably upon new wind turbine plans from them and other energy companies. Knowing of their ultimate goals gave little comfort to those present favoring wind energy regulation and facing delay in approval of the regulatory laws.~