OUR READERS WRITE – January 2007


Dear Editors,

I’d like to publicly express my gratitude to some folks from the area who demonstrated the true spirit of the holiday season.

One cold evening right before Christmas, I managed to lock my keys in my car down at Hogan’s, with my dog inside.  Don and his crew offered me the use of their phone, and whatever implements they could come up with to help, and the staff at the Andes Hotel supplied a coat hanger. And two real gentlemen, Nick Laing and Sam Balcom, refused to give up until they snagged the latch, got the door open, and freed my Phillie. They are all my heroes! Thank you, guys.

Another wonderful thing happened on the Saturday before Christmas, which happened to be the last day for mail delivery before the holiday. Paul and the whole staff at the Post Office are always so helpful, but this day they outdid themselves. I received a phone call from Linda Cole that morning. She wanted me to know that a package had arrived which looked like something I would need for the holiday (it was!) and she reminded me that the P.O. would only be open until 11 am. Where else can you get service like that?  Thank you, Linda! I really appreciate you going the extra mile.


Barbara Mellon