The “For Sale” signs are down at the home of Marlene Stevens and Jon Nygren. They have moved to a corner of Georgia where the state meets Tennessee, near Marlene’s sister. Brian St. Cyr is the new owner, having relocated here from New Orleans after being displaced due to Hurricane Katrina. He is a curator with the Guggenheim Museum in New York City.

The Presbyterian Manse, formerly the home of Rev. Dan McAllister and family, was vacant while renovations were taking place. Ellen Ciferri, an Andes native who lived for years in Florida, has been the tenant since November 1st. Ellie, the daughter of Frances Finkle, says she and her son James are back in the Catskills for the long haul.

A charming young couple, the Shah-Nelsons, has rented the house formerly owned by Ben and Diane Balcolm on Lower Main Street (now owned by Maia and Albion Butters who are living in California.) They are Brooklynites who decided to give country living a try, perhaps because they are expecting a baby in March. Seema is an interior designer and Clark has taken a position at Delhi College heading their on-line learning department.

Andy Wos has purchased two contiguous properties on Main Street: the former Tricia’s Gifts, the use of which he has donated to the Humane Society of Central Delaware County for their holiday store this season, and Robert Miller’s home at 131 Main Street (allowing Mr. Miller to remain there until late Spring). We will all stay tuned to find out the uses to which these two buildings will ultimately be put.

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