By Brenda Reeser

Looking back this past year I’ve discovered how important my women friends are to me here in these beautiful Catskill mountains. My women friends are bright, funny, have conviction, and purpose. They bring whole cakes and breads, fresh vegetables in season and hanging flower baskets, candles, and bottles of wine. They walk into my home with arms full and with glorious ease. They embrace me without shame. Their open faces and open hearts refuse to succumb to ambivalence. They are funny. And brave.

Freedom of expression reigns and the room rumbles with conversation as plates are filled. There is talk of gardening, political issues, and current books. There is talk about husbands, boyfriends, and new loves. Health issues are talked about with sardonic jabs of humor directed toward the humiliating aging process and yet there is a strong appreciation for one another’s beauty and grace. There is laughter and there is mourning. Sometimes there is laughter through tears.

These are my women friends. The women I love. I am blessed. Like the cakes they bring, they are whole. ~