LIBRARY NOTES – November 2006

By Gloria Carlson

The holidays are fast upon us and it’s time to plan those sumptuous, mouthwateringly delicious holiday meals. In the Andes Library, you’ll find the books to give you ideas and tips to help you make those fabulous feasts a reality. Located in our “Cornucopia Room”, (this is the middle room that houses books on gardening, antiques, health, sports, pets, crafts and cooking) our cookbook collection includes many books on low-carb, low cholesterol, and low fat recipes. I am not going to mention those, as their restrained and disciplined approach do not suit my ideas of holiday meals. However, they are plentifully available in our cookery section, so please come and check them out!

Restaurants often put out cookbooks that include their most popular, tasty and tempting meals. Here are several that are highly recommended.

The Silver Palate Cookbook  by Julee Rosso and Sheila Lukins includes recipes, menus, tips and lore from a celebrated Manhattan food shop. The recipes include everything from fancy finger food to main courses to yummy desserts. Their recipe for Chicken Marbella (on page 86) has been highly praised by several Andes cooks.

Fields of Greens  is one of my favorite cookbooks. Written by Annie Somerville, head chef of San Francisco’s famed vegetarian Greens Restaurant, this cookbook has marvelous salad, soup, pasta, gratins, curry, sauce and, of course, dessert recipes. Her suggestions for Fall and Winter celebration menus will capture your interest as well as your taste buds.

Sylvia’s Family Soul Food Cookbook; From Hemingway, South Carolina, to Harlem  is by Sylvia Woods and her family. Sylvia’s Restaurant located on Lenox Avenue in Harlem, New York City is known all over the world for its soul food and Southern home-style cooking. In this book Sylvia describes her childhood in the South and how she and her husband of fifty years scrimped, saved and worked along with their family to make Sylvia’s Restaurant a reality. Here you’ll find recipes for more than 125 soul food classics such as pork chops, fried chicken, corn bread, hush puppies, honey-grilled yellow squash, black-eyed peas, garlic-fried okra and old-fashioned collard greens.

Closer to home we mustn’t forget Mollie Katzen’s famous Moosewood Cookbook based on recipes from Ithaca’s famed Moosewood Restaurant. This cookbook is looked upon as the standard for delicious vegetarian recipes such as lasagna, eggplant parmesan, casseroles, curries, polenta, and kebabs and much, much more including scrumptious desserts.

So there you have some ideas for meals; either big holiday events or just your plain everyday eating. Either way, I hope that the Andes Library’s cookbook section can be a source of help or inspiration. We at the Andes Library wish all our patrons and friends a wonderful (and tasty) Thanksgiving!~