By Stan Cunningham

What’s happening with the Streetscape Project? Some months ago the New York State Department of Transportation  (DOT) agreed to take over the project, complete the design, and perform the Streetscape committee’s work along with their improvements to Route 28.

A public meeting was held in the spring, and the committee and public were invited to comment on the incomplete plans. DOT incorporated the changes submitted at the meeting.

Bidding on the project was supposed to take place in August and September. Unfortunately, the spring floods overloaded the capacity of DOT to pursue our project. The bids are now scheduled to be opened by DOT on November 2nd. They then have up to 45 days to select the low bidder.

Andes winter weather being what it is, no construction will be possible until spring. When a schedule is available, we will again invite the committee and the public to a meeting to hear firsthand the current status and schedule. The Andes Gazette will let you know when.