DOWN IN THE DUMPS – October 2006

By Barbara H. Cunningham

Lucky you! You may be feeling a bit grumpy on your way to the transfer station, or what many call the dump, but you’ll probably leave with a smile on your face. The people responsible for this transformation are Alan Kellogg and his temporary assistant, Vincent “Jim” La Barbera. As you pull up with the items you intend to discard, you are greeted by a warm smile and an outstretched hand to help unload your vehicle. Newcomers will be struck by how neat everything is. The land is swept clean. Flowers line a small fence.

Jim La Barbera helps unload a resident’s trash.

Did you know that Andes contributes more recyclables than any other town in the county (and hopefully the cleanest)? People are encouraged to be neat by stacking their old magazines and binding their newspapers. By putting their magazines behind the barrier in the container, citizens save on their taxes. Whereas the previously unstacked magazine containers could hold only between 25-40 thousand pounds, the well stacked containers can now hold 65 thousand pounds, thus reducing the cost of their removal. Generally speaking, a kind word or suggestion is enough to ensure people’s cooperation.

To watch Alan at work, one would never guess that he has not only survived several heart attacks and open heart surgery, but is also recovering from a recent automobile accident. He takes great pride in his work and tries to accommodate people as much as possible, keeping an eye out for requested items. His on-site phone number is 676-4525. When he is not working at the transfer station, Alan is engaged in woodworking, remodeling and repairing furniture.

Although only here on a temporary basis, Jim enjoys interacting with the residents who stop by the transfer station. An avid railroad enthusiast and CB radio operator, he does house painting when he’s not helping out here in Andes.

So, no matter what your mood, just drive to our transfer station any Wednesday or Saturday between 7:30 am and 3:00 pm.  You’ll leave feeling ever so much better.

Editor’s Note:  Alan Kellogg is currently out on medical leave.  We wish him a speedy recovery