LIBRARY NOTES — September 2006

The autumn “Family Fun Night” series will kick off on Thursday September 21 at 6:30 pm with none other than our very own, fave home-grown performers…Story Laurie & Ira McIntosh!!  No matter how many times you may have seen them, Story Laurie & Ira can’t help but enchant you to pieces.  Come hear some old favorites and a few hot new stories & songs as well.

Upcoming performances include:

October 19:  Dan Einbender brings his awesome original Kid-Friendly Music to Andes.  Among many other excellent accomplishments, Danny is the composer of “It Really Isn’t Garbage”, the very fun-to-sing anthem of the environmental movement…a tune that it destined to become a true “folk song”, just ‘cause so many darn people are singing it and passing it on.

November 9:  Grian MacGregor and The Ivy Vine Players. If you’ve never seen Grian and her puppets do their thing, then you WILL want to come see this show.  If you have seen them already, then you already know that you WILL want to come see this show, so why am I telling you?  Grian (pronounced GREE-un) is an absolute riot and a creative genius.  Her puppets are beautifully hand-crafted from recycled materials.  (Grandma’s old wool sweater…the shirt she learned to ride a bike in…etc.)  Grian’s performances are brilliant, witty, fun, and have a great non-pedantic environmental message to boot!

All shows start at 6:30 on Thursday evenings.  Yes, snacks will be served.  And, yes, parents and other big kids are urged to come enjoy (whether you’ve got kids or not!) along with everybody else.

The “Family Fun Night” series is funded, in part, with a New York State Council of the Arts decentralization grant administered in Delaware County by the Roxbury Arts Group.  For more information call the library at (845) 676-3333.