TOWN BOARD MEETING OF JULY 11, 2006 — August 2006

By Alan Galowitz

Very few Andes residents came to see the Town Board meet on July 11. The issue of wind turbines seems to have been laid to rest after the mass meeting in June. There were some letters to the Town Board thanking them for airing the issue and executing the moratorium. Those who want their opinions to have some effect should write to our state representatives. Names and addresses are available at Town Hall and in last month’s issue of The Andes Gazette.

The meeting opened with Supervisor Donnelly reading the highway report made by Mike McAdams. He expressed his appreciation of the fine job done by the Highway Department in coping with the recent floods. It was well-deserved praise.

It was announced that there were road closings still in effect due to flood damage at Barkaboom, Beech Hill, Close Hollow, and Deerlick Rd. Efforts are in effect to make the repairs from flood damage as soon as possible.

Gary Giler and Ted French gave an interesting presentation to those present, on the Catskill Water Museum planned for Arkville. Twenty-three million dollars may be spent for this planned museum. Its creation, they assert, will make our neighborhood more interesting, have a positive economic impact on the region, and serve a good cause. Their goal is to protect our water supply through education. To learn all about it in great detail go to the web site, They pointed out that Catskill water is of the very finest quality and surpasses much of the bottled water sold commercially. They hope to make people realize its value as a natural resource and the importance of its protection.