RECIPE – ROSHAN’S FLAN – August 2006

Roshan’s Flan

Sugar 1 c                Water 4 TEggs 8                      Cream cheese 1 packageVanilla 1 t              Condensed milk 2 cans •

Over a medium fire, mix 1c sugar and   4T water in a heavy pot and stir until sugar melts into an amber syrup.  Remove from heat and swirl this syrup into a flan dish or individual custard dishes (flatter is better), coating the bottom and sides as much as possible.• In a blender, mix 8 eggs, 1 package cream cheese, 2 cans condensed milk and 1t vanilla.• Set flan dish in a baño maría (or a larger baking pan filled with hot water up to the middle of the flan dish) and bake at 350° for one hour. After 30 minutes check to see if it’s getting too brown on top; if so, cover loosely with foil.  Test the flan with a knife; if the flan is too soft, let it cook longer. If a knife comes out clean, it’s done.• When cool, put a plate over the flan dish and gently flip over to let flan slide onto your platter.  Refrigerate and serve cool on platter with the caramelized sugar on top.You can make a lighter version of the above by using the following ingredients for the custard:Condensed milk 1 can Eggs 6-8Vanilla 2 T Salt ½ t