Is this to be the future of Andes? – August 2006

The wind-turbines in the composite photograph are scaled to represent actual height if anticipated development is allowed to proceed.

A group of concerned citizens from the Town of Andes created the Andes Alliance from a desire to preserve the natural beauty of the Andes area from a development project which offer little or no benefit to the citizens of Andes.

The Town of Andes has been targeted as a desirable location for big industrial/commercial wind-turbines whose installation will not benefit  the local economy and will spoil the charm and scenic nature of Andes.

Industrial wind-power companies have substantial funds budgeted to overcome local resistance to big turbines and are backed by multi-national Wall Street investment firms.

The Alliance supports the goal of returning America to energy independence, but we believe that big industrial-commercial wind-turbines are inappropriate for the Catskill region.

The Andes Alliance

Our Mission:

● Develop a consensus for preserving the mountain views.

● Gather and distribute information about big industrial-commercial wind-turbines.

● Promote the Town’s 2002 Comprehensive Plan.

● Support the Town Planning Board in developing effective regulations for Big Turbines.

Help Us Stop Big Turbines:

Stay Informed with events in the community.

Get Involved and voice your opinion on the issue.

Volunteer to help with Alliance events and projects.

Make a Donation to stop the spoiling of scenic Andes.

Our Mailing Address:

The Andes Alliance, Inc.

PO Box 174

Andes, NY 13731

Phone: 845-676-4222