CHARLES CARMAN EXHIBIT, earliest known stereo photos of Andes to be shown at The Hunting Tavern – August 2006

By Alan Galowitz

Beginning with an opening reception on Friday evening, 5 – 7 PM, September 1st, the Andes Society for History and Culture is presenting a show of stereo views of Andes taken by photographer, Charles Carman from 1875 to 1900. These are believed to be the earliest known photographs of Andes. The pictures may be viewed by the public on Saturdays, 10AM – 3 PM, and Sundays, 12 – 3 PM, through Columbus Day weekend. Those attending will be able to view these relics through antique stereoscopes.

Many Andes historic buildings still standing in the village were photographed by Mr. Carman. Landscapes and street scenes round out the collection. Looking at these stereo cards in 3D through stereoscopes make it feel as if you were there, in our town of 130 years ago. A brochure will be available containing a map of Andes as it existed in 1879. Stories of buildings photographed by Carman will be included in the brochure as well. Although hundreds of photographs and stereo pairs remain of his work, we could find no picture of Mr. Carman. His home and studio though are still standing, at 62 Main Street, where Delaware Antiques and Delaware Trading Post are now located.

One landscape reveals the location of the Dowie Grist Mill Pond, which once covered what is now Ballantine Park. Also of interest are views of the hills shaped as they were in the 19th century, but with a different coat of pastures and trees, a result of the growth since the pictures were taken years ago.

A computer slide show will be set up showing 100 interesting images of Andes by Carman and other Andes photographers. We are exploring the possibility of duplicating these images so that they can be seen on a home computer or a TV set. CDs are advertised to have a life of 300 years. If this proves to be true, it would make these images available to Andes residents long after age has destroyed the photographic images. We hope to have CDs available for sale at the Parthenia Davis Gift Shop at The Hunting Tavern Museum.~