by George Calvert

MARCH off with the CARNIVAL! Mardi Gras!: Dance at the Hotel Saturday night, March 1st starting at 7:30 to help drive away the Winter Blaaahs. Wendy Nief is singing along with her backups Mark Lubell and Alice Panteloni. It’s a Benefit for the Andes Athletic Booster Club, which helps youth attend sports camps in the summer, and is sponsored by the Chamber of Commerce. All “Crazy Hats” will parade, and winners in categories will receive prizes from our merchants. Tickets are only $8 for a single, $15 for a couple, and $5 for students.

Monday the 3rd is the Chamber meeting. We’ll focus on the proposed “Beautification Plans” for the Main Street of Andes. The Department of Transportation has awarded Andes $160,000 for implementation of the Transportation Enhancement, as long as Andes volunteers another 20%. There are still many questions: What kind of “period light”? What kind of benches? How much planting? Who will cultivate and water through the seasons? Who will bulldoze and fix the Town Park by Town Hall? Who will maintain it the way George Ballantine maintains Ballantine Park? What kind of


trees do we want, and where?

In the meantime, the Town Board is selecting among good applicants the “consultant” who will direct the Streetscape project.

The Town and Village Comprehensive Plan is now being revised for submission to Town and Village Boards and Planning Boards for a 30 day ‘going over”. Then the Committee will re-draft it and present that draft for preparation for public review from April 21st to May 4th.

The Village Board has advertised for proposals for purchase, use, and maintenance of the Old Fire Hall. Richard Canavan expects that the income from the sale will appreciably lower Village taxes. The issue should be resolved by April.

Mayor Gene McCarty announced that the Water Project is expected to be completed as of the end of March. Gene will retire as Mayor on March 31st and will not run for re-election. The new Board will be elected by Village voters on March 18th and will take office April 1st until dissolution of the Village on December 31st.

Clearance of Village walkways and Main Street roadsides have been hot topics at recent Board meetings;

these discussions have brought results. Back taxes, with the except of one delinquent taxpayer, have

been collected, and these payments have greatly enhanced the treasury.

Look ahead to the summer and Andes Community Day, Saturday, August 9th! The next planning committee is March 30th at this writer’s home. Bring your ideas and offers to help! ~

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