In response to the articles about Andes that have appeared in major publications recently, I would like to point out that some of the glowing things that were said could be offensive to some whose families have lived in Andes for generations. Give them credit for what was here before we came. They are the original people who have kept Andes viable through some very hard times. They fought for this land and their voices should be heard and sensitively addressed.

We all have our many differences. We live here full time, part time, we rent, own, have been here for generations and just moved in. We are farmers, shop keepers; we work for the Village, the Town, the County; we work from home, commute to work; we are retired, disabled, seasonally employed, unemployed; we are rich and poor and in between; and have many other differences. We all have Andes in common, everyday, or just when we’re here seasonally or on weekends.

There is so mÏch right with Andes. It is a place like no other with a people like no other. We are of varied backgrounds and we can keep what is right and good, and go forward with it. Some want Andes to stay the same, some want changes. Andes is evolving with each property purchase, with each new person who moves in, with each car that stops here. We have an excellent place to live and to bring up our children. Many see this and want to be a part of it. Let’s just keep in mind that we must integrate with what is here first in order to understand what we have before we ask for change.

The reality of what we saw the first time we saw Andes might not be to our liking once we live with the smell of manure or deer eating our prized flowers and trees, but, think about the larger picture, what it was that made each of us latecomers choose Andes in the first place.

We are all different but, we have one goal: to make Andes the best it can be, for our descendants and US, and for those who aspire to become one of US.

Linda Jones

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