By George Calvert

“2002 was a year of good business,” according to reports at the January Chamber of Commerce Meeting. Most retail stores did well, and the service businesses had their hands full.Real Estate agents reported many calls for vacation homes. At the Painted Cow, Bonni wants to add more local books for sale. Architect Hann and Consultant Calvert are both very busy. The school has a new, young, and vibrant staff. Jack McShane reported that the new owner of the Campbell Farm will keep it intact, and not sub-divide. The Andes Gazette has over 200 subscribers, from all over the country, Germany and Mexico.

Concern for the blockages of pedestrian sidewalk passages and parking opportunities led to a motion demanding the Village enforce its snow removal ordinances. The Chamber asked for snow emergency enforcement to get cars off the highway so snow can be removed. One suggestion is to have alternative side parking only in winter.

The Comprehensive Plan Committee met twice in January, on the 9th and 30th, and is moving ahead with Sub Committee reports. A draft plan will be submitted to a Comprehensive Planning Public Meeting in February or March.

The Village Board announced that they had received an appraisal on the Old Fire Hall in the center of the village, valued in the range of $35,000 to $40,000.

They will hold a Public Hearing on suggestions for sale of that building at the beginning of the next meeting of the Village Board: 7:30 pm, Tuesday, January 28th at the school auditorium.

Petitions are circulating for candidates to the Village Board, for what will probably be its last election. The position of Mayor and both Trustees are open. Work is long, pay is light, and actions are very visible. Petitions must be in by Feb 11, to be on the ballot March 18th.

The Town is circulating a notice for applications for a Consultant to supervise and manage the Village of Andes Streetscape Project next summer. Interested applicants should call Marty Donnelly at 845 676 4635 for information. Last call at noon, Feb 7th.

The Chamber voted to open a page on our Website www.andesny.org for new landowners in Andes –information they might need –—Welcome to Andes, and keep the sidewalk clear, etc. Patty Cullen will work with Calvert on this.

The Nominating Committee nominated officers for 2003: George E. Calvert for President; James A. Barrett for Vice President; Marlys Hann for Secretary; and Martin A. Donnelly for Treasurer. They were elected without opposition. The next meeting is 7 pm, Monday, February 3rd at the Andes Hotel. ~

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