To the editor,

Long before second homes were popular for city folk, I had a second home which was in Andes. I was there for every summer vacation. It was the home of my grandfather, Matthew Linn Bruce, the former Lt. Governor of the State of New York.

After Grandpa’s death in 1936, the house was empty or occupied only part time for sixty years and suffered serious deterioration, inside and outside. In time it would have continued its downward spiral and eventually been unsuitable for rehabilitation, a liability for Andes instead of a prominent asset. My last tour some years ago left me in shock to think of my childhood home, a shambles.

That was Act I and Act II and it did not look as though Act III would be anything beyond eventual extinction. The citizens of Andes and Route 28 travelers surely wondered about the dilapidated structure, as I did.

Well, Buffy and George Calvert decided that they would direct Act III and took the bold step to rebuild and restore this twenty-plus-room house. I saw it from top to bottom recently and was thrilled to see the beautiful result. It is now a real asset for Andes, and I am proud that one of Grandpa’s seven grandchildren, my cousin and her husband have done this.

My childhood second home is alive and well, thanks to Buffy and George. I wish them success with this bold endeavor for the future.

Linn Bruce Perkins

Petersborough, New Hampshire

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