Dear Subscribers,


You have now been reading and enjoying the Andes Gazette for almost three and a half years, judging by your many encouraging letters. We are proud to announce that we now have 208 subscribers all over the country and in Germany and Mexico! As you know, the cost of a subscription during this entire time has been $10.00, less than one dollar per month. Now with added printing costs, space rental, office supplies, and higher postal rates, we find that sending you your copy of the Gazette costs us one dollar and twenty -one cents ($1.21).

As you are certainly aware, we are a not for profit corporation, and we will not be able to continue to publish your newspaper if we have to continue operating on a deficit. We, therefore, regret to inform you that your next renewal will cost $15.00. We hope that this increase will not put too much of a strain on your budget, and that you will continue to support us.

Thank you.

Yours truly,


Your Andes Gazette Staff


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