by Linda Jones

In October NYSEG sent out orange mailers which stated that by 12 :00 noon Tuesday, December 31, 2002 each NYSEG customer must decide on what company will be their electricity supplier. NYSEG will continue to be the delivery company as they own the poles and wires as well as the rights-of-way that cut through individually owned properties. Given the amount of research each person must undertake to make an informed decision, NYSEG has created its own supply company, which customers will default to if they do not make a choice by the deadline date. To clear up any confusion regarding the choice the following synopsis may be helpful.

Keep in mind the differences among the competing suppliers is a game of tenths of a cent and the differences in price will affect your total bill depending on how much electricity you use.

NOTE: The rate for electricity per kilowatt hour (kwh) varies with the arrangement each supply company makes with each energy producing company (e.g. fossil fuels: coal, oil, natural gas; hydro-electric; nuclear; and from alternative/green sources: sun, wind, landfill gases and geothermal energy) and weather conditions. In the past, the price per kwh has been as low as 2.3¢ and as high as 7.0¢. That has been the variable price in the last year; it could be lower or higher in the future.

The following table contains information that will be in effect as of January 3, 2003.

Currently NYSEG Solutions and Mirabito offer a fixed rate, which will not require a deposit, but will require a credit check.

All rates are for residential properties. Commercial properties will receive a Government mandated discount of 75% off the sales tax which amounts to about 2-1/2% of the delivery charge. Residential customers do not pay tax on electricity.

There are more supply companies than are listed here. For a complete listing call the Public Service Commission at 1 888 275-7721 or log on to





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