by George Calvert

“How do we ‘Voice our Choice’ for electrical service?’ was the topic of the Chamber of Commerce meeting in November. Linda Jones told of her research with each of the five options facing current users of New York State Electric and Gas users: to switch to Amway, Mirabito, NYSEG Solutions, or ECONsystems, or to stick with NYSEG. [See Linda’s report on page 8]

Agway Energy Products representative Donna Ward, from Grand Gorge, offered what she knew of the choices open to consumers. Questions of commitment to promised prices were raised, and difficult to answer because of all the variables: quantity of customers; changes in prices from the producers, and potential for manipulation (a la California).

The excitement over the “Choice” was dulled by the prospect of a few dollars’ difference at this time for residential customers and the lack of aggressive customer outreach by the four ‘competitors’ [all were invited to attend and to present their program].


“Keep our forests healthy” admonished Jack McShane and Jim Waters of the Catskill Forest Association, “which includes harvesting.” They urged not only a Forest Management Plan for Andes, in the up-coming Comprehensive Plan, but also a change, to allow selective harvesting in the forest preserves. “Do not cut the finest, high grade ‘best’ trees. They are needed for future generations!”

Issues in the Village include the search for sufficient parking to support the commercial economy; the future ownership of the Fire Hall, whether not-For-profit or as a business; the possibility of senior housing construction; the school elevator and Bond Issue, and potential grants to lower the cost. The Chamber agreed to invite Jennifer Gould of MARK to speak at the December 2nd meeting and to show designs of other senior housing developments.

Halloween was fun, with the store window painting directed by Sharon Tucker at ACS; the Costume Dance at the Hotel on Saturday night (put on by the lively merchants); and the Night of Fun at the school on Halloween night organized by Jim and Carol Barrett. We authorized $200 to support the ACS Ski Club to help with lessons for youngsters this winter. Our Explorers Post 100 is resuming under the leadership of Debbie Bene.

“Turn on the Lights” the Christmas Tree lighting event in Bohlmann Park will be Saturday, December 7th at 4:30. It begins with songs of the season, awaiting Santa Claus, and fellowship on the Library porch. It’s our 5th year of this lovely celebration. ~



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