by Brenda Reeser

There was a big turnout at the ASHC annual meeting held at the historic Hunting Tavern Museum on Monday evening, October 28, 2,002. Once again extraordinary platters of food were on the buffet table. “It’s an impressive display. We have great cooks here in Andes,” Doug Reeser, President, said as he thanked everyone who attended. There were many reasons for coming out to the Tavern Museum that evening.

First, as the engineer and designer of the completed addition to the Tavern Museum (consisting of a fireproof archives room and a new kitchen), Doug explained that the archives room contains 240 lineal feet of well-lit storage shelving with room to add more. To provide for the safe keeping of valuable records and collections, the room has year-around temperature and humidity control, and it also has radiant heat floors. “This room will play an important part in the future of the Society,” Doug commented. “We need to win the confidence of the public, if we want to preserve valuable records and collections safely.”

He went on to explain the details in building the kitchen. “Free design time was given by our own Bob Lidsky on Dingle Hill. It’s wonderful when people give us this kind of support, ” Doug said, recognizing Bob’s generosity. The kitchen has 8 ft high solid oak cabinets with a storage capacity for dishes, glasses, and stainless steel utensils for 84 people. It’s also air-conditioned. “The new kitchen is available for public functions. We need to be enterprising and continue to look for income for the Society,” Doug continued. He pointed out that the entire addition was built without any cost to the taxpayers. The ASHC applied for and received grant monies.

Doug then introduced Nancy Boulin who will be the new paid, part-time Museum Director for the ASHC. “She has all the attributes to do a fine job. She’ll be a benefit to the Society and I hope everyone in Andes will make her feel welcome,” Doug said. He stated that many people are already aware that the organization has grown and therefore needs a paid director in order to take on various responsibilities including the administrative aspects, exhibits and fundraisers.

Next, thanks to the diligence and hard work of Eddie Piervincenzi, a detailed financial report was given, after which Doug promised that the long overdue budget for the Society will be forthcoming. Following this report, Joy Brundage, Committee Chair, of the Perch Lake Association gave the Society a copy of their book entitled, “Perch Lake Memories.” This gift symbolizes the fine spirit of friendship between two organizations that care for the community of Andes, and it is sincerely appreciated by the Society.

And finally, Jim Andrews, a man with great vitality and a vast knowledge of the history of the community gave a fascinating slide show from the stereopticon collections. Nineteenth and early twentieth century photos of Andes were shown to a captivated audience. The community admires Jim for his wit and penetrating insight into the history of Andes. Everyone left the general meeting feeling satisfied, well informed, and looking forward to the Society’s next function, the Holiday Party to be held at 7:00 p.m. on Friday, December 13th.

Also, keep in mind that the Tavern Gift Shop will be open Saturday, December 7th from 2-4 pm. ~











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