Village Win$$ Two!

by George Calvert

Two colossal wins in two months for Andes!

In September the Governor’s Office for Small Cities awarded $280,547 to the Village of Andes for the lateral connections of the sewer lines to the residences and public facilities, the potential completion of the Sanitary Sewer system for the village.

In October the Transportation Enforcement Program of the State Dept of Transportation awarded the Village $160,456 for the construction of sidewalks, installation of historic-style lighting and a green-space-park at the Town Hall entrance to the village.

Andes won one of only two Delaware County awards in both programs. Our alert Town Supervisor, Marty Donnelly, spotted both opportunities.Judy Garrison wrote the TEP submission using drawings prepared by architect Brigitta Brophy for the “Beautification Committee” of the Main Street Alliance and Andes Community Empowerment. George and Jonathan Calvert prepared the sewer lateral application with the support of 100 village residents. ~


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