A look back at the 2001-2002 School Year

by Anne Barrett

v To reward students for showing good behavior, kindness, and citizenship, we provided the teachers with “Good Egg Awards” redeemable at the school store.

v We financed the ACS Faculty Association’s Fund for Academic Achievement.

v With community support, we organized an Easter Egg Hunt on the school lawn.

v On May 6th we celebrated Teacher Recognition Day with home-baked goods.

v We sponsored Field Trips:

1. K-3rd to Roberson Science Center

2. 4th Grade to Delaware County Historical Association

3. 5th Grade to the Farmers Museum in Cooperstown

4. 7th and 8th Grades to 5 One-Act Plays at the Proctor’s Theater

5. High School Students to N.Y.C., the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island.

6. Last year’s 6th Graders (now 7th) will be doing a stained glass project this fall.

v We gave Community Service Awards to classes 7-12.

v We provided a College Scholarship to the 2002 Senior who is pursuing a career in education, health or social work.

v Major Fundraisers included:

1. The ongoing Bottle and Can Drive. Thanks to the community for dropping off your 5¢ returnables in the bin in front of the Andes Fire Hall.

2. In August, the “Grumpy Old Men” and their wives helped us put on a very successful Chicken BBQ with homemade salads prior to a performance of Calico Thunder at Bob Cat.

3. The “Box Tops for Education” program earned $146 with the most participation from grades K-6th. Fourth graders topped the top collectors!

4. With our assistance, grades K-6th have earned their own field trip money by selling Human-I-Tees products.

Join us for a great 2002-3!


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