COMING SOON: A GREAT BOOKS CLUB FOR ANDES ARE YOU INTERESTED? by Alan Galowitz We are in the process of starting a Great Books Reading and Discussion Program at the Andes Library. Fifty years ago the University of Chicago, under Robert M. Hutchins, started this program and there are now about 800 such groups in…

LIBRARY NOTES – December 2002

by Gloria Carlson Now that the evenings are long and cold, staying home with a good book might have a definite appeal. At the Andes Library, there are some new books available, (listed on the New York Times’ Best Sellers list), to satisfy us stay-at-homes. For example, for those who prefer novels, the library has…

READING, JUST FOR THE FUN OF IT! (for the younger generation)

by Wilma Mazo

Now that winter weather appears to be here to stay for a while, and you can’t play baseball or soccer or any of those other great outdoor sports, why not try reading?? Oh, you never considered reading to be a “sport!”

LIBRARY NOTES – November 2002

by Gloria Carlson The Andes Library is now bursting with the recent arrival of four hundred books and a hefty collection of audio- tapes. Both collections are on revolving loans from the Four County Library System. Also available for loan, are the library’s own collection of video -tapes. So, as the days grow shorter and…

ANDES GAZETTE – February 2000 – Page 1

ANDES GAZETTE - February 2000 - Page 1

ANDES GAZETTE – January 2000 – Page 2

ANDES GAZETTE - January 2000 - Page 2