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LIBRARY NOTES — April 2022

LIBRARY NOTES -- April 2022

by Pamela West-Finkle Happy Spring! Our board president, Judy Garrison, recently reminded me that 2022 is the Andes Library 100th anniversary!  We are busy planning lots of great programs over the next six months to celebrate.  Be sure to check our Facebook page and website for updates on our schedule. A featured program starting in…

LIBRARY NOTES – March 2022


Updated information on Library Cards and all that is new in the Library.

LIBRARY NOTES – December 2021

LIBRARY NOTES - December 2021

Library Holiday Hours, as well as Christmas Festivities.

LIBRARY NOTES – November 2021

LIBRARY NOTES - November 2021

Programs and Volunteers!

   We are looking for responsible, friendly, volunteers who love books to join our team. Come in and talk to me any time about training and what’s involved.

   We are also looking for workshop presenters, authors, filmmakers, crafters, and teaching artists to lead workshops or give presentations in 2022, whether online or in person.  Please reach out if you are interested by calling 845-676-3333 or emailing

LIBRARY NOTES – October 2021

LIBRARY NOTES - October 2021

A list of various goings on at the Library.

LIBRARY NOTES – September 2021

Updates of events at the Library – as well as a thank you to everyone that contributed to our Library Party.