Library Notes

LIBRARY NOTES – September 2021

Updates of events at the Library – as well as a thank you to everyone that contributed to our Library Party.

LIBRARY NOTES – August 2021

LIBRARY NOTES - August 2021

First I would like to say a big thank you to our Garden Tour committee and all of our wonderful garden owners who made our 2021 Views and Vistas Garden Tour a huge success.


LIBRARY NOTES --- May 2021

   The library board has discussed starting a John Burroughs Book Club. We are still in the fledgling stages of this idea, but this club would read and discuss John Burroughs books and take a field trip to the Woodchuck Lodge and Burrough’s Rock in Roxbury.

LIBRARY NOTES – April 2021

A recap of the Library’s Summer Program.



   Lastly, if anyone needs assistance filling out or printing any forms related to Covid vaccinations or anything else requiring online forms and registrations, printing, faxing, scanning, please call 845-676-3333 or email any time Monday through Thursday and I will be happy to assist you with these tasks. I am also looking for more volunteers to help at the library—computer skills are a huge plus!

LIBRARY NOTES – February 2021

LIBRARY NOTES - February 2021

Condolences to friends and family of our departed Marty Donnelly who was a former library trustee; a review of Covid Protocols; and finally during this pandemic, get to know your neighbors in the event the elderly need a helping hand.