Field Notes

COYOTES AGAIN – February 2010

COYOTES AGAIN - February 2010

Jack’s coyote observations of late have been limited to their tracks and scat but not their kills or for that matter the beasts themselves.

BEAR WITH ME — October 2009

BEAR WITH ME — October 2009

Bears, bears and more bears; many sightings and much sign of them are in evidence in our Andes environs.

BIOPHILIA – August 2009

BIOPHILIA - August 2009

Jack admits that he is afflicted with Biophilia, a term coined by E.O. Wilson, a premier entomologist, and described by him as a craving for, and love of, wild things.

JACK’S VIEW — December 2007

JACK’S VIEW — December 2007

Morning starts before dawn and this dawn is spectacular as sunlight creeps into the sky. …………………….

FIELD NOTES – November 2006

FIELD NOTES - November 2006

Have you ever watched new fawns cavorting in a recently hayed field ……………..