Andes History

100 YEARS AGO – JUNE 2021

100 YEARS AGO - JUNE 2021

The burial of the late Harry Dowie was made Sabbath afternoon in the Dowie cemetery and eulogistic remarks were made by Hon. M. Linn Bruce.  [JA: Harry Dowie was the Andes native who relocated to NYC and managed a large butter distribution business.  His nephew, Alexander Shewsbury Dowie, owned the corner store which was the local butter collection center in the late 1870s and 1880s.

100 YEAR AGO — MARCH 2021

100 YEAR AGO -- MARCH 2021

Adam Biggar, a highly respected farmer residing in Biggar Hollow in southern Bovina, died early Sabbath morning, February 27, as a result of an attack of measles. [Jim Andrews: Prior to its vaccine, measles was a deadly disease, which notoriously killed children and adults alike.]

THE WAY WE WERE – November 2020

THE WAY WE WERE - November 2020

A gang was out Saturday night destroying property under the guise of Hollowe’en [sic]. The gang was not made up of boys but of men, who should know better, and perhaps would if they had not been imbibing too freely.

THE WAY WE WERE — July 2020

THE WAY WE WERE -- July 2020

Graham Frisbee, the young son of Dr. and Mrs. Jay D. Frisbee, was operated upon Thursday for adenoids and removal of tonsils. Dr. Pace was the surgeon. [JA: Graham Frisbee was the proprietor of “The Drug Store”—now Paisleys—from the middle 1950s through the late 1970s. Dr. Frisbee, his father, was our local dentist.]

ANDES NOT DEAD – March 2020

   When I bought my house 42 years ago, my neighbor across the street, Ethel Edwards, gave me a box of newspapers and clippings that the former owners of my house, Jim and May Mable, had collected and saved.


 I’ve been jumping time these past few years while occupying the space at the current moment. ……………………………..