Current Issue – June 2022

Below is an article the editors selected for early viewing from our  June 2022  issue.  The compete issue is available at  Rosalino’s Diner (formerly Woody’s), Wayne Bank, Andes General Store, the Tremperskill Store  and the Library in town, among other places. All of the articles from this month’s issue will appear on this website on the 1st of next month –


By Buffy Calvert

A living fence now surrounds the outdoor garden plots on Andes Central School grounds. For two weeks Ed McGee’s 7th and 8th grade science students and Sharon Tucker’s elementary art class have been hard at work removing sod and digging a trench 18 inches deep, extending the arc of the arbor previous students had created. It reaches the greenhouse, in effect completing the first living fence created under the tutelage of Bonnie Gale many years ago.

Ms. Gale is the designer of this one also and came on Monday, May 23rd to show the children how to plant the willows and weave them together so that they will stand upright and root in the stone-free prepared soil.  How appropriate that the tender seedlings in the garden boxes should be sheltered by a beautiful, airy, living fence! ~